Things I enjoy eating (SIN) and
Things I want to eat (SWTN= Sara wants to nom).
Simple, sweet, and totally Sara.

SIN: Polenta

I attempted polenta once. My roommate and I thought it would be fun to figure out, so we bought a pre-made role. We ended up frying it in a sort-of stir fry. Basically, we didn’t know what to do, and we didn’t realize it was easy to make on our own. I like the slightly gooey texture that is mild enough to be really versatile. 

I have been looking up some alternative lasagna recipes, and this is my favorite one so far (substituting polenta sheets for pasta). The recipe pictured above is a great finger food since I am always on the hunt for cheap, creative party foods. Um polenta French toast? Hell yes. And finally, polenta as a savory pancake, double yum!

polenta lasagna pancakes appitizer

SWTN: Mexican Polenta Scramble

I have wrestled with pre-made polenta twice and was only mildly successful. I think polenta and I have a lot of potential, and this recipe seems pretty noms. It has bell peppers, lime, tomatos… stuff I like to have standard. I’m smelling a leftover scramble in my future.

avocado polenta scramble tomato